Documents from the NCTE archives

Attached you will find a spreadsheet that lists all of the files from the archives that are currently available digitally and the pdfs themselves.

To locate documents that will be relevant to your caucus or committee, please follow these instructions. Please go to the Excel document located on this site and open it up. At the top of the document, you will find six columns that will give you information on the NCTE file/box #, file type, description of the document, date of the document, groups (committees or caucuses that the document pertains to), and pdf # (the last three or four digits of the pdf). You can use the find option on the "Groups" column to locate the relevant documents. The groups will be categorized as follows: American Indian, AAAC, Black Caucus, CDICC, Council on Interracial Groups, General, Jewish Caucus, Latino Caucus or Latino/a Caucus, LPC, Queer Caucus, Race-based Caucuses, Racism and Sexism, Radical Caucus, and Task Force of R&B (Racism and Bias). Once you locate the relevant pdf files, you can find it on the site and use these documents for your historical archival work.

m850@ncte.org_20100726_143951.pdf2.89 MB
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m850@ncte.org_20100726_161928.pdf1.58 MB
m850@ncte.org_20100728_104458.pdf6.44 MB
m850@ncte.org_20100728_105116.pdf6.2 MB
m850@ncte.org_20100728_105522.pdf3.86 MB
m850@ncte.org_20100728_112803.pdf5.21 MB
m850@ncte.org_20100728_113432.pdf486.91 KB
m850@ncte.org_20100728_113117.pdf4.32 MB
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m850@ncte.org_20100728_114057.pdf514.17 KB
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m850@ncte.org_20100728_113637.pdf1.15 MB
m850@ncte.org_20100728_115120.pdf2.63 MB
m850@ncte.org_20100728_115000.pdf249.81 KB
0195_044.pdf464.34 KB
0195_021.pdf2.16 MB
0195_001.pdf2.1 MB
0194_042.pdf361.33 KB
0194_021.pdf2.19 MB
0194_001.pdf2.12 MB
0193_024.pdf1.39 MB
0193_001.pdf2.08 MB
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m850@ncte.org_20100809_115100.pdf1.78 MB
m850@ncte.org_20100809_114544.pdf1.43 MB
m850@ncte.org_20100809_114035.pdf1.64 MB
m850@ncte.org_20100809_113409.pdf2.16 MB
m850@ncte.org_20100809_112610.pdf1.5 MB
m850@ncte.org_20100809_112039.pdf1.44 MB
m850@ncte.org_20100804_120422.pdf984.15 KB
m850@ncte.org_20100804_120039.pdf984.97 KB
m850@ncte.org_20100804_115514.pdf1.89 MB
m850@ncte.org_20100804_114545.pdf2.05 MB
m850@ncte.org_20100804_113444.pdf1.02 MB
m850@ncte.org_20100804_112844.pdf1.77 MB
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